Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek Inc.


Newsletter No. 13

Summer 2008

Time to Bring You Up To Date with Activities by the Creek

It has been some time since you have had an update on the activities along Waurn Ponds Creek, the most recent newsletter being distributed for Winter 2005.

While there has not been a newsletter, it doesn’t mean that there has been nothing to report.

  • New planting
  • New seats
  • New water fountains
  • New playground
  • New bridge
  • Extended urbanization
  • And a new committee
The new committee is:
  • Convenor: Nancy DONKERS
  • Secretary: Mike HAIGH
  • Treasurer: David GUILD
  • Members:
    • Mark SCHIRMER (CCMA)
    • David KING (GFNC and Waterwatch)
    • Peter ROGERS
    • Jillian HENDERSON
    • Craig JONES
    • Mickey HUSON
    • Adrian DONKERS

Hopefully you have noticed the reduction of rubbish in the creek and parkland despite concerted efforts to litter the area from some quarters.

Thank you to those individuals and groups who pick-up after themselves and others.

A greater effort from some of the retailers whose parking areas are adjacent to the creek to minimize windblown packaging and cans from entering the creek would be appreciated.

Fencing could be very effective.

New Facilities Enhance the Parkland

The City of Greater Geelong has taken a range of initiatives to improve the amenity of the parkland.

Very serviceable wooden benches have been installed at regular intervals along the walking tracks, which are used by young and old alike for a brief rest while out walking or as social gathering places.

Doggy poo bag dispensers and disposal bins have been installed at strategic places by the walking track.

A number of water fountains, complete with dog bowls have been installed and are much in use particularly at the dog bowl level.

A new playground has been installed in the zone above Rossack Road with a climbing wall, ladder, platform and slide. Like the other two playground areas along the creek length each with its particular group of apparatus, it is well used by the children of the area.

Poo Bag Streamers

It is unfortunate that the Doggy Poo bag rolls have to be replaced so often. Not many are required to satisfy their primary use, collecting dog poo. Because small-minded boys obtain pleasure in unraveling the rolls and dragging them as streamers behind their bikes, dog walkers can often not replace their used bags. Discarded rolls also add to the refuse entering the parkland.

Partying in the park is great fun and encouraged as an activity for young and old. We would request that you take home or thoughtfully dispose of your packaging, bottles and cans.



Committee Notes

Due to unforeseen family commitments, Jillian was not able to continue with co-Convenor/Secretary tasks not long after taking on the position, leaving Glen to take on the total load.
After two years he suggested that he would be standing down from the Convenor and Secretary positions at the 2007 AGM, while retaining a position on the steering committee.

Steering Committee Members had not attended meetings conscientiously. The steering committee meeting to be held before the 2007 AGM had to be abandoned for lack of a quorum.

Fortunately sufficient general members were present for the AGM to go ahead anyway. We have augmented the steering committee with a core of creek-side residents devoted to improvement of the amenity of the parkland.

Thank You

Thank you Glen and Jill for your work over the last two years. Your continued presence on the committee will be much appreciated

A large number of current committee members live in close geographic proximity. We would like to see people from other sections along the creek taking a greater interest in the Friends group and generally in the work along the creek.

Where the bloody hell are you?

Over the years, some of the organisations which committed to the original concept of The Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek have failed to follow through on that commitment. We would be interested to hear what were the hopes and aspirations that caused these groups to join originally. Can these aspirations be reconciled with what we are doing now? You would be welcomed back complete with your ideas.