Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek Inc.


Newsletter No. 2

Winter 2002



The Friends have received an enormous response from people living along the creek and schools in the area. Thanks to everyone who has rung and sent letters. We have heard a lot of concern about the decline of the creek and willingness to work on the various problems.

In order to bring everyone together to share information about those issues, and plan for the future the Friends are holding a

at Cobbin Farm on
Sunday September 8
from 12 - 4 p.m.

We will have

  • Speakers
  • Discussion groups
  • Information & reports
  • Maps & displays
  • Registration & Survey forms
  • Light lunch & tea/coffee
On the day we would like to:
Answer your questions
Hear your thoughts & comments
Establish small neighbourhood groups
Distribute information
Register new members
Find out your skills & preferences for working on the creek

Our hope is that you can work on your section of the creek and receive funding, support and information as you need it from the Friends group, whether for planting, clearing rubbish & weeds, or any actions you think- are important.


  • 12 p.m. Welcome

  • Gather in the Church: Speakers include
    • Reg Abrahams, Wathaurong
    • Bruce Humphries, Enviromnent Unit COGG
    • Jayson Moran, Open Space & Planning
    • John Turner, Waterways CCMA
    • Suzanne Woolford, Australian Conservation Volunteers
    • David Lean, Planting on the Creek DNRE
    • David Sutherland, Seed Collection & Propagation Barwon Water Community Nursery
  • 1 p.m. lunch
  • 1.30 - 4 p.m. the speakers will be available in separate rooms to answer your questions and discuss plans for the future.

We hope you will fill out a registration form on the day or post to us to join the Friends group.


We are very happy to report that COGG has adopted Trevor Pescott's Habitat Plan for revegitation along the creek, providing guidelines for indigenous species and their distribution.

We are currently organizing planting days along the creek with COGG Environment Unit & ACV to begin on August 12 and go through to October.

So far we have several schools keen to help and we are looking for locals along the creek who want to join in and/or do their own plantings.

We have several sites already picked out for replanting and can add to these according to public interest.

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