Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek Inc.


Newsletter No. 7

Summer 2003



As a token of appreciation the Friends Group would like to invite all those who have assisted the group in any way to join us for a free bbq on


at the small playground just off Torquay road (Geelong Infopages map 18 B1. Access to the carpark is by way of a dirt road which runs in front of 1 Oberon Drive.)

Bring your family and friends too.

Anyone else interested in helping us in the future is welcome to come along as well.

We would like to thank Sue Cayzer, the manager at Town and Country Shopping Centre, Waurn Ponds, for organising Safeway to provide us with all the food for our bbq and also Belmont Rotary for allowing us to use their bbq.

Ten Thousand Trees
in 2004

We will have an experienced horticulturist with us to give a practical guide to collecting seed. It is the aim of the group to collect seed for and propagate 10,000 trees ready to plant out alongside the creek in spring 2004. Once you have been taught how to collect seed and I have a note of your name, you will be able to collect at your leisure over the summer and deliver it to the nursery.

Others of you may prefer to go to the nursery on any Wednesday between 2-4pm and begin the task of potting up. Ask Jackie if you need to know more.

What has happened in the past 3 months

Since the last newsletter Christian College Junior planted opposite Camdell court, Matthew Flinders together with Geelong Rotary planted behind Barwon Timber, Grovedale Lions planted beside Rossack Drive, and the F group just keep finding more bags of rubbish each week along their stretch of Grove Road!!

Jackie gave a talk to Belmont Rotary who are keen to upgrade the creek opposite Cobbin Farm towards the baseball centre and were very interested in the community support shown in regard to the beautification of the creek. They have offered their help with the big plantings we have planned for next year.

For our most recent effort F Group (with E) moved downstream to Camdell Court reach and the planting originally carried out by school students from Oberon High. After a year much of the planting on the banks was overgrown. Clearing of the weeds revealed tussock grasses valiantly competing with the overgrowth. Other grasses near the walking track were re-jacketed for protection from the winds. Hopefully these grasses will now grow as well as the many plants thriving at the top of the bank. Special mention for Nancy and Jo for coming to do their bit when they should have been convalescing or keeping warm at home, also to Bev's mother who came to lend support from her wheelchair.

The grass cutters have been having a tough time recently trying to keep everything under control due the spring weather causing a huge spurt in growth. If your area is a bit overgrown please be patient, it will get mown, first by the big tractor and a few days later by a smaller mower which will tidy up around the individual trees.

Join the Friends group and improve your health

I recently went to a seminar and listened to a marvellous speaker, Dr Mardie Townsend, a senior lecturer at Deakin University in Melbourne. She pointed out the most obvious facts that no-one in the room had even given much thought to, but it all made such sense.
Fresh air, admiring the view, the birdlife and flora, light gentle exercise walking along the creek or planting new trees are all ways that benefit your physical health. Making new friends with people who have a common aim, having something to do and be proud of, making yourself part of the community are all ways to improve your mental health. So don't think of joining a Friends group as doing the work council should be doing, think of it as a benefit to your health. Trust me, it works - give it a go………..Jackie

Have you Heard a Reed-Warbler this year?

An annual migrant, the Clamorous Reed-warbler, has been calling in the section of the Creek near the Pioneer Road Bridge. In other years Warblers have been present downstream along the whole length of the Creek. Where are they this year? There appears to be no obvious change in their habitat, the Common Reed, which is flourishing. Their breeding season is from September to December.………...Dave

No more plantings scheduled now until next July

Conservation Volunteers Australia were helping us again recently by tidying up around the Menzie Lipson Groves, taking off stakes and guards that are no longer required and giving the newly planted trees a quick drink. Jackie met up with the 8 volunteers who come from all over the world-Korea, Germany, England, plus one stray from Grovedale!! In return for ultra cheap board and lodging they do environmental projects around Australia as it gives them a different view of our country to the usual tourists. So if you see a group working on the creek and the van has "CVA" embellished on it, please say hello to these unpaid workers who are helping to improve our creek.

A great person called David kindly put his name forward to be our treasurer. We are very grateful to you, thank you.

One vigilant resident is keeping an eye on Bunnings to make sure they are planting as per their agreement. If you see anything going on that you think is not quite right please call one of us (phone numbers are at the bottom of the front page) and we can investigate it for you.

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