Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek Inc.


Newsletter No. 9

Winter 2004


Planting Dates

The rain has come and the ground is perfect for planting. There are many sites prepared or being prepared so we should easily be able to plant our quota of 16,800 plants by mid October.

July 4th - area 'M' (near Bunnings) resident group
July 25th - area 'M' (near Rossack Drive)Grovedale Lions
August 1st - area 'F' (near Cobbin Farm)resident group
Sept 12th - area 'G' (behind Cobbin Farm)Belmont Rotary

Also a huge area is currently being prepared along the south side of the creek behind Winter Street, off Torquay Rd, and will take approx 800 plants. We are organising some of the local school children to adopt this area and plant this out towards the end of term 3.

Forum Outcome

We had a very successful day with fabulous displays and talks by many talented people and a very enthusiastic team of scouts kept us all fed and watered with a cheery smile.

The main outcomes were that seating will be built every 500m initially and then every 200m along the creek, water fountains and fixed dog bowls put in at regular spots, and signs erected giving distances. However there is no lighting planned as this is a negative issue for the animals and it encourages late night use by people, which is likely to be inappropriate.

Dr Mardie Townsend convinced us all that volunteering for the Friends group really is worthwhile on a personal basis to enhance our own well being as well as the added advantage of improving the creek.

6 native fish species have been found in the creek:-

  • Anguilla australis (Short-finned Eel)
  • Anguilla reinhardtie (Long-finned Eel)
  • Galaxias maculatus (Common Galaxias)
  • Pseudaphritis urvilli (Tupong/Freshwater Flathead)
  • Nannoperca australis (Southern Pigmy Perch)
  • Nannoperca obscura (Yarra Pigmy Perch)

New Path along the Creek

As part of Rotary's 150 years celebration in 2005, Belmont Rotary have made a commitment to improve the creek line on Highmont Drive side between Cobbin Farm and Pioneer Road. This will consist of a large amount of plantings and an extension of the walking path to make a loop suitable for walking, jogging or cycling. Plans for the pathway are only in the initial stages (see diagram) but the first plantings will start in September so you can look forward to a beautiful area in the near future that at the moment is just a goat track.

New Resident Group to Monitor Effects of Development

Planning application has been made for the next stage of commercial development between the Bunnings/Harvey Norman complex and Rossack Drive. It is proposed for 6 retail outlets plus a Hungry Jacks store, all of which could have grave consequences for the creek as litter and pollution run-off enter the water. A large resident group is forming in that area but they always need more help to monitor the area, pick up rubbish and report any problems so don't be shy - do your bit and help your environment.

Help Needed

Volunteers are needed for

  • water testing along the creek on a regular basis, tuition available by Barwon Water
  • turbidity levels of water immediately after large falls of rain at 6 designated spots along the creek
  • bird surveys every 3 months, tuition given by GFNC

Congratulations to Trevor Pescott on receiving the Green Award - the top individual environment award - last month.
Well done Trevor!!

To those of you who would like to see doggy bins along the creek you are out of luck! Research has proved that more rubbish is left OUTSIDE of the bins than inside them and council workers are refusing to collect dog poo even if it is sealed in a plastic bag.
So, either teach your dog to poo before you go or be prepared to carry it home with you!!
Pooch pouches are available, free of charge from COGG, which attach to the lead and store plastic bags ready for use at any time.

The annual rabbit poisoning program has just been completed near Bailey Street and this, together with the removal of all the boxthorn earlier in the year, has made a marked improvement in the number of rabbits seen in the area.

Does anyone have contact with Geelong Addy newspaper as we are having great trouble getting
Please contact Jackie if you are able to help.

Learn about birds through bird surveys.

Help your bit of the creek by joining the group.

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