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Yarra Pygmy Perch
Vulnerable & Threatened



What we did in 2011
More photos of our work are found in our Photo Gallery.



Sunday 16 We met at Torquay Rd Car Park to do maintance of the creek and seed collection.

Sunday 6

Sunday 20

We met at Torquay Rd Car Park and worked on the south side of the creek heading towards Geelong Grove. We removed tree guards, weeds and rubbish along the way.
We met at the Rossack Drive walking track and worked on both sides of the creek between Rossack Drive and Bunnings collecting rubbish as a pre clean up Australia day activity.

Sunday 6
Sunday 20
Clean up Australia Day Click here for a report and a pdf poster
lWe met at the 'Amphitheatre' to spread mulch. The 'Amphitheatre' is behind Readings but on the opposite side of the creek.
Sunday 3
Sunday 17

Clean up and BBQ
Rest - Day off.

Sunday 1
Sunday 15

We met at the 'Amphitheatre' to plant trees, shrubs and grasses.
We continued this plant.

Sunday 5

Sunday 19

We met where the creek crosses Rossack Dr and worked our way to Pioneer Rd. We cleaned up any rubbish we found.
Rest - Day off.

Sunday 3
Sunday 17

Sunday 31
Postponed due to bad weather
We met at the Torquay Rd bridge and work towards Camdell Crt. We were weeding and cleaning up any rubbish we found.
National Tree Day This day was a great success with 1300 plants going in the ground. Download the pdf poster.
Sunday 7
Sunday 21

Rest - Day Off.
We continued the National Tree Day plant.


Sunday 4

Sunday 18


We met at the plant site opposite Dennys Crt. This was our National Plant Day in 2010. The plants have grown so well that now we are able to remove most of the bags and stakes. Thank you to all the helpers who planted at this site in 2010. We also did some weeding.
We returned to the National Tree Day plant. We had lots of helpers and did a marvelous job planting out this section of the creek. Now all we need to do is back-fill with grasses.
Sunday 2

Sunday 16
Sunday 23
We met at the same site to back-fill the trees and shrubs with lots of grasses
No gathering - postponed to 23rd.
We met at the same site and continued to back-fill the trees and shrubs with lots of grasses

Sunday 6

Wed 16

Wed 23

We met at the Baseball Carpark near Pioneer Rd and cleaned up the creek downstream towards Torquay Rd.
On our twilight plant, we gathered at 4.00pm - 6.30pm near the Bridge between Cobbin Farm and Camdell Crt. We finished with a BBQ
We gather at Denny's Crt plant to do under storey planting. We again finish with a BBQ



Follow this link to see what we did in 2010