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Who is responsible for Waurns Ponds Creek?
Corangamite Catchment Authorities are responsible for the waterways of the the Waurns Pond Creek. The City of Greater Geelong is responsible for the wellbeing of the surrounds of the creek and they work in conjunction with The Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek to sustain the natural habitat of the creek and its floodplans.

What do Friends do?
Friends work towards improving the environs of the creek for all to enjoy, including people, animals, birds, fishes, plants, etc., etc.. One of our aims is to improve the habitat of the Yarra Pygmy Perch. The Yarra Pygmy Perch is listed as a vulnerable species and we would like to make it a very safe species. We would also like to create a green belt where people can meander oblivious to the urban environment that surrounds them; where the birds are able to enjoy a natural corridor and flourish and where the fishes and plants thrive without competition from exotic species.

What about rubbish?
When Friends are not able to plant or do maintenance work, we pull rubbish from the Creek. We regularly clear plastics, fast food containers, drink cans, shopping trolleys and even the odd mattress from the Creek. we are looking forward to the time when this is no longer required and we can focus on plants.

Are there any registration fees?
No, there are no fees involved.

How do I get involved?
Just come along to a Sunday morning activity. Click here to see what we are doing next

Is there time for a cuppa?
Although we work hard on the creek we always make time for us to stop and chat together over a cuppa and usually some yummy homemade food.

Where do the revegetation plants come from?
We collect seeds from along the creek and propagate them at the Barwon Water nursery. They are planted out the following year. A small group of members show their green thumbs by caring for the plants on a Wednesday afternoon. You are welcome to join this group. The City of Greater Geelong also purchase plants from the Indigineous Nursery. Only native plants are selected.

If you have a question, just email us - fofwpc@y7mail.com



Yarra Pygmy Perch
Vulnerable & Threatened