Talks are usually requested by a school and are organised through our Community Liason Person.
School Talks
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Yarra Pygmy Perch
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The content of these talks covers the following:
* An outline of the Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek.
* A brief history of the creek including our indigenous people's use of it.
* The creek - from its source to where it flows into the Barwon River.
* White man's impact on the creek.
* The flora and fauna of the creek with emphasis on threatened and endangered species.
* The ongoing work that needs to be done around the creek.
The content of each talk can be negotiated depending upon the school's needs.


School Talk
Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek are regularly requested to talk with groups of students about the creek and its surrounds. These gatherings are held at the creek and are usually conducted by ex teachers.







School Talks


Some of the things the students may see include:
* Deep water holes.
* Preparation requirements before planting.
* Plantings at various stages of growth.
* The effects storm water has on the creek.
* Rubbish
* Various plant and bird life and if lucky some fish.
* Laminated Photos
Once again, these can be negotiated.