It was designed by Andrew McWilliams from the Shire of Barrabool, and constructed by Clement Nash. It is of architectural and historic significance, as it is amongst the earliest stone arched bridge built in Victoria. The bridge is of architectural significance for it has dressed, stepped, wedge shaped stones forming the arch and  also an unusual bridge decoration in an elaborately carved bluestone key stone on each side of the bridge. The keystone depicts the Shire of Barrabool's coat of arms and the inscription "BARRABOOL SHIRE 1868".


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map for bridgeA map of where you can see the bridge.


the creek bridge

The Waurn Ponds Creek Bridge was built in 1868 by the Barrabool Shire. It is an unusual little bridge in that it incorporates bluestone with limestone making it the only limestone bridge in Victoria. It is situated in the centre median of Colac Road where it crosses the Waurn Ponds creek just south of Geelong.













































The "Waurn Ponds limestone" was sourced from the limestone quarry about 2 kilometers further up stream from the bridge, next to the Colac Rd. The limestone from this quarry was also used for much of St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, situated on the corner of Flinders and Swanston St's in Melbourne.





It was by-passed in the 1960s when Colac Road was widened to a divided two lane road.




The little bridge is now completely overshadowed by the massive overpass built to complete the Geelong Ring Rd. This new freeway overpass crosses Colac Road at this point.