Like many other organisations, we start enthusiasticly producing newsletters but we no longer produce them.
This is the list of our newsletters.
Newsletter 1 - Autumn 2002
Newsletter 2 - Winter 2002
Newsletter 3 - Spring 2002
Newsletter 4 - Autumn 2003
Newsletter 5 - Winter 2003
Newsletter 6 - Spring 2003
Newsletter 7 - Summer 2003
Newsletter 8 - Autumn 2004
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Newsletter 13 - Summer 2005

The beginnings

Over the years our members have included local residents, service groups, businesses, schools, Barrabool Hills Landcare, City of Greater Geelong and Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.

The creek had been degraded, neglected and in poor condition for a long time. It badly needed some attention and the Friends believe that both the farmers upstream and the urban population downstream want to see it improved. The Friends group was formed to start a works program on the creek and organize local actions.

Prior to 2002 the main problems for the creek were:
   * poor water quality from rural and urban run-off and rubbish,
   * erosion and degraded bed and banks,
   * pest plants and animals and
   * loss of habitat and open space for local flora and fauna species.

Various groups and individuals were cleaning up and planting on some sites of the creek. Barwon Water Waterwatch tested water quality regularly.

In February 2002 the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority funded a fish survey and found a variety of fish including the Yarra Pygmy Perch, a threatened species, still living in the creek.

City of Greater Geelong began clearing pest plants from the lower part of the creek and adopted Trevor Pescott's Habitat Plan for revegitation along the creek, providing guidelines for indigenous species and their distribution.

Friends organized a Spring plant starting in August and continued through to October. They also conducted a public forum on September 8 at Cobbin Farm.

Barwon Water Community Nursery members inspected the creek and agreed to propagate the seeds. Today, Friends still continue to use Barwon Water Community Nursery to propagate seeds we collect along the creek.

Our History
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Yarra Pygmy Perch
Yarra Pygmy Perch
Vulnerable & Threatened

In 2012 we were nominated for an Award

Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek were honoured to be part of the City of Greater Geelong entry in the Sustainable Cities & Clean Beaches Awards. With several other organisations, we were entered into the Category for
Protecting our Environment - Conservation Reserves Program

One of our members, Nancy, met with the Keep Australia Beautiful judges and did a wonderful job of promoting our work on the creek.

The KAB judges were most impressed and on Wednesday, June 27, 2012, we were informed that our group entry had been named as one of the six finalists.

The activities we completed in 2010 are listed here.

The activities we completed in 2011 are listed here.

The activities we completed in 2012 are listed here.

The Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek has been an active group of community volunteers since 2002.

Announcing the Awards

On Friday 27th July, two members of the Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek (Peter and Kate) represented us at the presentation of the Awards. They were accompanied by eleven others comprising a group from Breamlea and councilors and Geelong City heads of departments.

The awards were presented at a dinner at the MCG.

To our surprise and amazement - WE WON!!!

It is to the credit of all members and participants in the FOWPC, that Nancy was able to put a compelling case to the judges on their recent visit to the creek. Well done everyone.

(Below is Peter, Kate and Councilor Andy Richards with the Award.)

Accepting the award

































































6. City of Greater Geelong Map for Spring 2011 planting sites.
City of Greater Geelong Map for Spring 2011 planting sites.